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Bezeen simplifies the task of casting, booking and discovering talent directly with the phone. Create castings and set your requirements, deadline and payroll. You can set up the casting to either get participants from all around the world or only specific countries. Search through your selection, view their profile and previous work to see if it is a fit for your agency or up and coming campaigns.

  • Due to my profile on Bezeen, I have been in contact with some of the biggest modeling agencies in the USA and Europa and I´d like to thank them for that. Thumbs up!

  • After I won the Bezeen final, I received tons of mails from modeling agencies interested in working with me. Bezeen helped me to get discovered and start my modeling career! Thank you!

  • I liked the idea of a worldwide voting app, but could never imagine that I would actually win it. I have received an amazing advertising offer from Seafolly and want to thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  • I´m extremely pleased with Bezeen! I`ve had contact with agencies all around the world and worked with many of them. Also I´m working on important shootings and involved in excellent castings. Thank you very much, you guys are doing a great job!

    Ruben Burgers, Netherlands